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James Rohr

L.Ac., A.P., MSTOM

Unlearning Stress

My book giving you a bunch of tools to decrease stress and live an easier life. 

Topa Healing

My signature treatment, Topa Healing is the culmination of my 20 years of energy medicine, shamanism, Chinese medicine, and massage. 

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Defy Your Diagnosis and Feel Good Again

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Get my book: Unlearning Stress

An introduction to meditation, mindfulness, and feeling relaxed.

As Seen in the New York Times

"And I started getting acupuncture from this great guy, James Rohr. Dwyane [Wade] was getting it for migraines. I saw how much it really helped him, and James helped me with my insomnia." Gabrielle Union, Actress

Check out the highlights of my latest retreat

I partnered up with the amazing yoga teacher, Jennifer Pansa, to co-host a wellness retreat at the five-star Mukul Resort in Nicaragua.