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by Relationship Expert James Rohr, L.Ac.

Are you an independent woman but tired of being so independent?

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"Jim has taught me to trust myself and to listen more to my internal voice rather than external factors. He helped me own my desire for a radical type of love. Shortly after working with him, I met the love of my life. I feel more in touch with my soul than ever before. I have been to so many therapists and I'm a therapist myself. No one has ever helped me the way he has. Not by a landslide."


 "After pretty much a life of unsatisfactory romantic relationships which were always in conflict with my longing to connect, the road to a good and fulfilling relationship was painful and full of mysteries I wasn't able to decipher for myself.

Jim was not only generous and kind, but he also showed up authentic and wise.  Jim, always free from "guru" egohas an art for asking the right questions and inviting you to live from your authenticity.

Today I am in a loving, committed, healthy relationship with a wonderful man, and I credit Jim with helping me overcome many of the blocks to finding my right partner while setting boundaries. After many years of therapy and life-coaching courses, I can sincerely say I got unique coaching and insights from Jim."

-Jennifer S.

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"And I started getting acupuncture from this great guy, James Rohr. Dwyane [Wade] was getting it for migraines. I saw how much it really helped him, and James helped me with my insomnia." Gabrielle Union, Actress