James has been lecturing on the benefits of mindfulness, acupuncture, and spiritual healing for over 15 years. He is available to speak at your work place, YPO meeting, and any other group that is looking for inspiring and educational tools to help you reach your health goals.

Contact James for his list of popular lectures or to have one specialized for your group.


His popular lecture, Let Me See Your Tongue, was mentioned in Maureen Dowd's article in The New York Times:

"I went to a lecture called “Let Me See Your Tongue,” with Jim Rohr, an attractive young expert on Chinese medicine. He explained how the color, coating, shape and moisture of the tongue can give signals about the health of the spleen, kidney and other organs.

It was terrifying. “Blue and purple tongues,” he explained, “are not good for anything.” Same with white, yellow, gray or black tongues, or thick and greasy tongues, or swollen, cracked, deviated, flaccid, sticky and tooth-marked tongues, or quivering tongues, which signify a yin deficiency or chi stagnation. We had a brief discussion on the wonder of Gene Simmons. The only other person in the room, a dental hygienist, asked Mr. Rohr to examine our tongues. We stuck them out. “Nothing jumps out about them,” he reassured us. “They’re not ‘Oh my God!’ tongues.”